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Spring 2012 Edition (Series Nine)

Product Description:

The Spring Edition features the Newseum, a comprehensive museum that has thousands of artifacts and displays featuring five centuries of news history.  Scenic America includes the tallest sand dunes in the eastern United States.  We also travel to the charming southern city of Albany, Georgia and to several places where the music of Stephen Foster is still celebrated today.
Cover Story
Scenic America
Jockey's Ridge State Park
On A Musical Note
The Music of Stephen Foster
Off the Beaten Path
Albany, Georgia
Time Capsule
Spring of 1952
Spring Feature
Tropical Butterflies
COVER STORY: A popular tourist attraction in Washington, D.C., the Newseum explores the history of news gathering and how the media has covered major world events. The museum also allows visitors to embrace today's technology through a variety of interactive exhibits.
Newseum, Sentimental Reflections Spring 2012 Edition, Cover Story, Washington DC, museum of news, Sentimental Productions 
Jockey's Ridge State Park, Outer Banks, North Carolina, tallest active sand dunes, Sentimental Reflections, Sentimental Productions  SCENIC AMERICA: Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Jockey's Ridge State Park boasts of the tallest active sand dune system in the eastern United States.
ON A MUSICAL NOTE: Stephen Foster, widely known as America's first great songwriter, wrote more than 150 songs in the 19th century that are still familiar to many Americans.  Foster's music is still celebrated across the country, especially on the grounds of My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown.
Stephen Foster, My Old Kentucky Home State Park, Bardstown Kentucky, Stephen Foster statue, American composer, Sentimental Reflections, Sentimental Productions 
Ray Charles statue, Albany Georgia, Sentimental Reflections, Sentimental Productions 
OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Located along the Flint River in southern Georgia, Albany is known for its riverfront park and popular attractions including Chehaw, an accredited zoo with lots of green space.  The city also pays tribute to famous residents, including the late singer Ray Charles.
TIME CAPSULE: We look back 60 years at the stories that made headlines in the spring of 1952, including President Harry Truman's announcement that he would not seek re-election.  
Blooms & Butterflies Exhibit, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio, Sentimental Reflections 
SPRING FEATURE: Hundreds of exotic butterflies are part of an annual exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. The Blooms & Butterflies show features butterflies from tropical climates around the world.