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Autumn 2012 Edition (Series Nine)

Product Description:

The Autumn Edition features a look back at the 1952 presidential election, when "I like Ike" was a popular campaign slogan.  Then we go Off the Beaten Path to the charming college town of Northfield, Minnesota, and feature stunning scenery at Scotts Bluff National Monument in western Nebraska.

 Cover Story
 Election of 1952
 Scenic America
 Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
 On A Musical Note
 Mountain Music Festival
 Off the Beaten Path
 Northfield, Minnesota
 Time Capsule
 Amphibious Vehicles
 Autumn Feature
 All About Gourds
  COVER STORY: Television was in its infancy at the start of the 1952 campaign season.  We look back at the election that sent Dwight D. Eisenhower to the White House and the politics that ushered in the Eisenhower years.
Video sample.
SCENIC AMERICA: Scotts Bluff National Monument is a distinctive landmark in western Nebraska.  The large rock formations mark the area where the Great Plains begin turning into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  
  ON A MUSICAL NOTE: Banjos, mandolins, and fiddles are all part of the Fraley Mountain Music Gathering in eastern Kentucky.  Musicians of all ages and skill levels participate at the event, which began as a family reunion more than 40 years ago.
OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Northfield, Minnesota is known for its vibrant downtown area and two renowned colleges.  Another big draw for tourists is the Defeat of Jesse James Days Festival, which features a reenactment of the famous attempted robbery involving the James-Younger gang in 1876. 
TIME CAPSULE: While never a commercial success, some amphibious vehicles of the 1960s make a big splash each year at a gathering in Ohio. Members of the International Amphicar Owner’s Club show off how the unusual car moves on land and in the water. 
AUTUMN FEATURE: The Ohio Gourd Show is a celebration of all types of gourd creations.  Gourd art and musicians playing gourd instruments had a major role at the event.